Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing - A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab

Chris Solomon | Toby Breckon

An introductory to intermediate level text, which employs the Matlab programming language to illustrate some of the elementary, key concepts in modern image processing and pattern recognition.

Our approach is essentially practical and the book offers a framework within which the concepts can be understood by a series of well chosen examples and exercises, drawing on specific examples from within science and engineering.

Divided into eleven chapters, the book begins with a fast-start introduction to image processing to enhance the accessibility of later topics. Subsequent chapters offer increasingly advanced discussion of topics involving more challenging concepts, with the final chapter looking at automated image classification (with Matlab examples).

ISBN-10: 0470844736

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Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image Processing (2nd Edition)

Robert B. Fisher, Toby P. Breckon, Kenneth Dawson-Howe, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Craig Robertson, Emanuele Trucco, Christopher K. I. Williams

.... a comprehensive and reliable resource which now provides explanations of over 3500 of the most commonly used terms across image processing, computer vision and related fields including machine vision.

... offers clear and concise definitions with short examples or mathematical precision where necessary for clarity that ultimately makes it a very usable reference for new entrants to these fields at senior undergraduate and graduate level, through to early career researchers to help build up knowledge of key concepts.

... a useful source for recent terminology and concepts, experienced professionals will also find it a valuable resource for keeping up to date with the latest advances.

ISBN: 9781119941866

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