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Our research team - Durham University, Spring 2023 (see also: 2018)

The work of my research team relates to computer vision and robotic sensing the automatic understanding of images by computer as an aspect of artificial intelligence (i.e. "visual AI"). Our work is enabled both by the fundamentals of image processing and recent advances in deep machine learning.

Within this domain we specialize in several industry-facing problem domains spanning X-ray image understanding, automotive vision (autonomous vehicles), visual surveillance, robotic sensing and general topics in object detection, classification and broader image understanding.

This has resulted in over £7+ million of research income, collaboration with 40+ government and industry partners (2007- 2024+) and supported the development of AI software start-up COSMONiO by former team members (acquired by Intel, 2020).

An overview of our research aimed at a general audience (produced for Durham University Open Day, 2020).

Research Themes

Human Computer Interaction

Brain Computer Interfacing

As a relatively new topic within the team, our focus looks at real-time bio-signal signal decoding using recent advances in deep machine learning and the applicability of such approaches to tasks such as robotic tele-operation.



Interactive deep learning for image analysis and understanding

Founded in 2012 by former lab member Ioannis Katramados, latterly joined by Oliver Hamilton (2013) and more recently by Samet Akcay (2019), Grégoire Payen de La Garanderie (2020) and joint-team member Philip Adey (2018), the COSMONiO team led the company to successful acquisition by Intel in 2020.
The anomaly detection algorithms used within the COSMONiO NOUS product were collaboratively developed with the team at Durham.

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Acknowledged Collaborators and Funders (2007- 2024+).